Genique's Recovery

In March 2016 our daughter, Genique, was diagnosed with a brain tumor growing from the optic nerve. It's called a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, but she calls it her "mushroom". On 31 Aug 2016, Dr Charlie Teo removed 85-90% of the tumour. Unfortunately Genique's vision was severely affected by the tumour. This blog is about her recovery and the challenges our family face daily. My Story / Video Story

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Cortisol Critically Low

On Monday 7 November, Genique went for blood tests in preparation for her port removal surgery the next day.
The sad news is her blood tests showed low levels of cortisol. Doctors didn’t feel comfortable putting her through surgery and postponed it.

(The port is a small medical appliance that is surgically installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein. Port was when she had chemo treatment)

Yesterday Genique went for a stress test to further investigate her cortisol levels.

Before the test, a blood sample is taken. Genique is then injected with something to stimulate the brain (adrenal gland) to produce a hormone called cortisol.

After a few minutes another blood sample is taken…and another one.
If normal or above normal levels of cortisol is found in her blood, it is good. If the levels are still low, it is an indication that the brain does not produce the cortisol.

Today, the blood results indicated critically low cortisol levels :(

Genique was admitted to hospital and will start with small dosages of cortisol. She will be monitored for the rest of the week and hopefully we will have her and Sylvia home by Friday.

The neurosurgeons did say it could take months for functionality to return.
The plan is to repeat the stress test every three months.
But for now, doctors will treat the current situation.

Keep them prayers and positive vibes coming.

Kind Regards
Ruan and Sylvia.