Genique's Recovery

In March 2016 our daughter, Genique, was diagnosed with a brain tumor growing from the optic nerve. It's called a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, but she calls it her "mushroom". On 31 Aug 2016, Dr Charlie Teo removed 85-90% of the tumour. Unfortunately Genique's vision was severely affected by the tumour. This blog is about her recovery and the challenges our family face daily. My Story / Video Story

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Sydney - Finding Correct Dosage for DI (Day 4 in ICU)

Genique is still in ICU trying to get the correct dosage for the DI. If only she can get rid of the darn catheter. Unfortunately they need it for the DI tests. Her temperature has come down and is regularly 37°C.

Icy Poles Helps for Temperature

Doctor asked again about her vision and if we detected any changes. He then checked the pupils with little flash light.

He explained again that there is reaction on the pupils and that is a good indication that they had not caused any damage to the nerve as the circuit between nerve and brain is intact on both eyes. He explained again that we should be patient with her vision.

Patience - It is so hard!

O yes, as always, there is a promise that she might be out of ICU tomorrow.

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