Genique's Recovery

In March 2016 our daughter, Genique, was diagnosed with a brain tumor growing from the optic nerve. It's called a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, but she calls it her "mushroom". On 31 Aug 2016, Dr Charlie Teo removed 85-90% of the tumour. Unfortunately Genique's vision was severely affected by the tumour. This blog is about her recovery and the challenges our family face daily. My Story / Video Story

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Sydney - Spring Day (Day 2 in ICU)

It is Spring day and Genique is still in ICU and fighting DI :(

There are meds available to control it, it’s a matter of determining the dosage.

She also has a temperature of 38°C consistently.

Diabetes insipidus (DI) is a result of damage to the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain which stores and releases a hormone called ADH (antidiuretic hormone), also known as vasopressin. This hormone normally causes the kidney to control the amount of water released as urine from the body. When the pituitary is damaged, the kidneys lose too much water (increased urination), which then leads to increased thirst.

Sylvia and I tag team to looking after Genique. My shift is usually between 18:00 and midnight, this gives her good uninterrupted sleep for 5-6 hours. When she’s back, it is my turn to sleep til 5am. After my nap we both wait for the doctor who visits around 7:00am. Between 8 and 10am it is quiet time and we are not allowed because of patient confidentiality. This is when I go home and spend some time with our other two. Sylvia waits in the friendship room and sometimes takes another nap.

Life in the hospital SUCKS!!! :)